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Valcambi is a Swiss refiner of precious metals. Owned by Rajesh Exports Limited, Valcambi is an LBMA-approved bullion producer, working with gold, silver, platinum and palladium respectively.

Below you can find our range of Valcambi bullion. For more information, or assistance with ordering, please email support@bullionbypost.co.uk.

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Valcambi's refinery is located in Balerna - a small Swiss town near the southern border with Italy. The site is located neatly between Lugano and Milan.

The company has been operating since 1961, when it was known as Valori & Cambi, but steady acquisition from Credit Suisse led to a changing of the name to Valcambi. The refiner was bought out from Credit Suisse in 2003 for an estimated $400 million, and Valcambi remained a part of the European Gold Refineries Holding SA until 2017, when the EGR became part of Global Gold Refineries Ltd. GGR is 95% owned by REL Singapore PTE Ltd, and 5% by Rajesh Exports Limited.

Valcambi employ 151 people, at their site in Balerna, and refine approximately 1,800 tons of precious metals each year.

Valcambi gold

Valcambi is an LBMA-approved refiner, meaning all of its gold is produced to the highest standards. Valcambi gold bars are struck in 24 carat purity, and feature the company’s logo.

As well as investment bars, Valcambi produce none circulating gold coins and medals, as well as gold grain for jewellers and manufacturers.

Valcambi bar

Valcambi bars are produced in both gold and silver. The refiner is well known for its ‘CombiBar’ sets; which are a collection of smaller individual bars which can be broken off the whole. These offer excellent flexibility, providing investors an easy way to split their asset into parts whenever they want to realise part-profits.