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Pieces Souverain Or - Londres

The Royal Mint has operated all over the world to produce their range of gold and silver coins, but primarily production was centred around London. The London site produced coins for all monarchs since 1817.

Most of the London-made Gold Sovereigns were mass produced, but their age and history still makes them a desirable collectible coin. Why not look at our other Collectable Coins or the newer Gold Sovereigns produced in South Wales.

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The history of the Royal Mint can be traced back to Roman times, when the Empire - controlling Britain - established coin mints across the country. Coin production continued until the Romans withdrew, at which point their mints closed, but it was the London one that reopened. 

The London Mint as we know it - later renamed the Royal Mint - opened and closed repeatedly for hundreds of years but stayed open from 886 AD until 1975. The Mint operated out of the Tower of London for many years, before moving over the road to Tower Hill; the site where coin minting remained until the mid 1970s when the Mint decided to build a more modern refinery in Llantrisant, Wales. 

The Royal Mint Ltd still operates in Llantrisant today, and boasts a £9 million visitor centre on the site. Its location near Cardiff means there are plenty of transport connections for the movement of goods, but also it's rural enough to have land to expand upon.

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